The Best Inner Thigh Exercises  For Pregnancy & Postpartum

This story will go over the 5 best exercises to help tone your thighs and hips. You’ll also learn the single most important thing for reducing thigh fat.

So How Do You Tone Your Thighs?

1. You need to build muscle in your adductor muscles, and 2. You need to drop your body fat percentage (not when you are pregnant though!)

Now let's go over the best exercises!

Sumo Goblet Squats

Squats are one of the best exercises you can do while pregnant. It will help strengthen your lower body and open up your hips. The wider your stance the more it will target the inner thigh

Lateral Lunges

The second exercise is the lateral lunge. This is probably the most effective exercise in targeting the adductor muscles.

Curtsy Lunges

Instead of stepping out laterally, you will step behind your other leg. This will also strengthen the quadriceps and your hips.

Side-Lying Ball Squeezes (In Between Feet)

This exercise is great to do during pregnancy & the postpartum period as well.

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