The Postpartum Trainer

Hi, I'm an OBGYN...

… and a certified personal trainer. I help new moms get back into shape!

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About Me

Brittany N Robles, MD, MPH, CPT

Hi, I’m Brittany, OBGYN & NASM Certified Personal Trainer. I help postpartum women get back into shape safely and effectively.

I chose this field of medicine because I want to empower women medically, emotionally, and physically.

I have personally delivered over 400 babies, and I am saddened to see women who struggle to get their bodies back.

I created The Postpartum Trainer to give you practical advice on everything you need to know in the post-pregnancy period to maximize your health and fitness.

Fitness & Postpartum Articles

Postpartum Fitness & Exercises

Learn how to exercise safely and effectively after having your baby

Pregnancy & Postpartum Advice

Answers to common questions related to your pregnancy and postpartum period


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