The Postpartum Trainer, MD

Your Guide To Getting Fit During Your Pregnancy and Postpartum

(From an OBGYN and Personal Trainer)

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Brittany N Robles, MD, MPH, CPT

Hi, I’m Brittany!

I’m an OBGYN & NASM Certified Personal Trainer. I help pregnant and postpartum women exercise and eat healthy so that they can bounce back without feeling overwhelmed.

My articles will give you the tools you need to empower yourself medically, emotionally, and physically.

Follow along to learn what you need to know in the pregnancy and post-pregnancy period to maximize your health and fitness.

What Do You Need Help With?


Postpartum Fitness

Learn how to exercise safely and effectively after having your baby to rebuild your body.


Pregnancy Fitness

It’s usually okay to exercise during your pregnancy. Learn when it’s safe and when it’s not.


OBGYN Advice

Answers to common questions re: your pregnancy and postpartum period.

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