Running Postpartum  How To Start & What To Expect

In general, you can begin running 6-12 weeks postpartum depending on the delivery you had. But before you start, it’s important that you strengthen your core and pelvic floor muscles first.

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Running is a very stressful thing for your body. That’s why you need to give it time for your body to fully recover from the pregnancy and the delivery. 

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Is Running Good For Postpartum?

Running too soon in the postpartum period can lead to pain, muscular/joint injuries, and worsening of pelvic floor dysfunction. 

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You can begin strengthening your core within the first 2 weeks postpartum, starting with deep diaphragmatic breathing and pelvic tilts.

How To Strengthen Your Core 

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Strengthening Your Pelvic Floor

Strengthening your pelvic floor is extremely important postpartum because these are muscles that get very weak during pregnancy. 

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Strengthening Your Legs

How To Build Up To Your First Postpartum Run

By strengthening these muscles, you reduce the risk of straining them while you run. 

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The glutes are such an important muscle group because they are responsible for keeping you upright and stabilizing your pelvis.   

Strengthening Your Glutes

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