The Best Resistance Band Pregnancy Workout [To Build Muscle]

Are Resistance Bands Safe During Pregnancy?

Resistance bands are a safe way to exercise during your pregnancy. The advantage of bands over weights is that you can control how much resistance the band provides.

Do Resistance Band Workouts Really Work?

Yes, resistance band workouts work! That’s because they provide you with the stimulus needed to gain strength and build muscle.

What Types Of Bands Should I Use?

I recommend two types: long, closed-loop resistance bands and hip bands like shown above.

Workout 1

The row is the best exercise for strengthening and developing the muscles in your upper back. This includes the rhomboids, the trapezius, and the posterior shoulders.

Resistance Band Rows

Hip Band Squats

This exercise strengthens your quads, your adductors, your core, and your glutes.

Resistance Band Curls

The third exercise is for the arms! The good ‘ole resistance band bicep curl. You will need a long, closed-loop resistance band for this exercise.

Hip Band Walks

This movement is to further activate the glute muscles and the other small muscles that externally rotate the hip. 

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