When Can I Lift Weights Postpartum? [Realistic Expectations]

When can you lift weights postpartum?

Women should be able to lift weights 6-12 weeks after delivery. The exact time depends on the type of delivery you had, how quickly you heal, and your previous activity levels.

Is It Safe To Lift Weights After Giving Birth?

Yes, it’s totally safe to lift weights after giving birth. Lifting weights will help your body regain strength and mobility after your delivery.

When Can You Start Lifting Weights After A C- Section?

If you had a c-section, you can start lifting weights after 8-12 weeks. A C-section is major abdominal surgery and often requires a long recovery

If you lifted weights prior to giving birth, then you won’t need to wait as long. One of my good friends lifted heavy weights up until she was 39 weeks pregnant.

Your Pre-Delivery Activity Levels:

Do you recover faster iwith second baby?

Some women find that they recover more easily from their second pregnancy, but only if you have an uncomplicated delivery.

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