Vaginal Fat: How To Get Rid of Your FUPA (& Mons Pubis Fat) Safely

Do you have “vaginal fat” and want to know how to lose it? Don’t worry, you are not alone! First, you have to know the difference between a FUPA (aka fat upper pubic area) and mons pubis fat.

What Is A FUPA (And What Does It Look Like)?

FUPA is short for “fat upper pubic area.” This is the excess fat that is present below your belly button and above your vagina.

What Is Mons Pubis Fat?

The mons is the fatty tissue directly on top of your vagina, right where your pubic symphysis and your labia majora are located.

Why Do I Have FUPA And/Or A Large Mons Pubis?

The shape and size of your mons pubis, vagina, and labia are largely determined by genetic factors and your body fat %

How Do I Get Rid of a FUPA?

The only way to lose your FUPA is to decrease your overall body fat percentage. You need to improve your nutrition first!

The Best Exercises To Target Your Lower Abs

The Modified Mountain Climber

Lying Leg Raises

The lying leg raise is another great exercise to target the lower belly from a controlled position.

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