The Third Trimester Strength Workout (A Safe & Effective Routine)

Is Exercise Safe In Third Trimester?

Yes, according to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, it is safe to exercise in the third trimester as long as your health care provider has cleared you to do so.

Can You Lift Weights In Your Third Trimester?

You can continue to do strength-based exercises in the third trimester, but it is a good idea to not exceed a 7/10 in intensity.

What Should I Avoid During Third Trimester?

– Sit ups  – Crunches  – And any other exercise where you are lying flat on your back for a long time

Can I Do Squats While Pregnant In The Third Trimester?

It is safe to do squats in the third trimester, though you might need to widen your stance to accommodate your growing belly.

What Other Exercises Are Safe During The Third Trimester?

– Walking – Modified resistance training  – Gentle cardio exercises  – Swimming  – Modified yoga 

The Warm-Up

A warm-up is important to do before any type of exercise activity. This is especially helpful in the third trimester, as your mobility will likely be decreased.

The Workouts:

Each workout will involve – Knee flexion exercises – Hip extension exercise – Pulling exercise – Core strengthening exercise – Pelvic floor exercise

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