Swimming Postpartum  Everything You Need To Know

When Can I Go Swimming After Giving Birth?

It is recommended that you wait at least 4-6 weeks postpartum before you go swimming. 

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Immersing your body underwater opens up the opportunity for bacteria to go inside of your open wounds in the vagina, cervix, or c-section scar 

Why Can’t I Go Swimming 2 Weeks Postpartum?

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How Long Does It Take For Your Cervix To Close After Birth?

Most providers feel that your cervix has closed once you stop bleeding vaginally. This can take ~ 4 weeks. 

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You need to wait for your c-section incision to completely heal before you can go swimming. It can take approximately 6 weeks for the incision to close completely. 

When Can I Swim After A C-Section?

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Can I Take A Bath Postpartum?

Immersing your body underwater increases the risk of a uterine infection and/or a wound infection in any of your incisions/lacerations.

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Swimming In The Ocean After Birth- Is It Advised?

Oceans are notorious for harboring many different kinds of bacteria. Do not put yourself at risk. 

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Yes, you can go into a pool after giving birth, but only after your risk of developing a postpartum infection has decreased.

Can I Go In A Pool After Giving Birth?

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