Pregnancy Push-ups [5 Effective Variations For Each Trimester]

Do you want to do push-ups during your pregnancy? If so, this story covers 15 different push-up variations you can do while pregnant. You’ll also learn which ones are safest for each trimester.

The good news is, there are many different angles that you can take when training the push up which makes it a great pregnancy-friendly exercise.

When starting out, don’t set your hand placement too wide or too narrow. Keep your hands at shoulder-width so that your joints are aligned right on top of each other.

The standard push-up is the exercise that starts it all. If this variation is too challenging, you can do it from your knees, or on an incline.

Standard Push-ups

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The single leg push-up will work your core muscles even further by forcing you to balance on just three points of contact.

Single Leg Push-ups

This variation will emphasize the arms and the triceps a lot more than the standard push-up.

Close Grip Push-up

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Push-up Mountain Climbers

This is a combination exercise that really strengthens the core from a functional position.