Pregnancy Love Handles  9 Exercises To Target Them

What Are Love Handles?

Love handles are excess fat that is located at your sides, by your hips, and hangs over your waistline. Love handles are also referred to as the “muffin top.”

Do they go away postpartum?

Love handles may go away after pregnancy if you lose any excess body fat that you have gained throughout the gestation.

Can I get rid of them while pregnant?

You can use exercise to help strengthen the muscles around your abdomen and low back, but keep in mind that exercise alone wont be sufficient to get rid of them!

The best exercises to target the love handle area

Here are the best exercises you can do in pregnancy to strengthen the muscles around the love handles.

Waiter Carry

This is a great stabilization exercise that strengthens the oblique muscles, the rest of the core, and your shoulders.

Suitcase Deadlifts

This is another anti-lateral flexion exercise that will strengthen the obliques, as well as your hips, and glutes.

Uneven Squats

Similar to the suitcase deadlift, this exercise will strengthen your obliques because of the uneven load on your body.

Side Plank Dips

The side plank is already one of the best exercises for training the core muscles and the obliques.

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