Postpartum Weightlifting:  When and How To Do it

When Can I Lift Weights Postpartum?

In general, OBGYNs will say that you can start to lift weights 6-8 weeks after delivery. But in reality, it will probably be closer to 8-12 weeks.

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You can’t lift heavy things after giving birth because this places too much pressure on your abdomen and uterus.

Why Cant You Lift Heavy Things After Giving Birth?

Here is a simple 4 phase plan you can follow to get you back into lifting!

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Phase 1: The First 6 Weeks

For the first 6 weeks, it is important that you focus on healing, and getting some basic movement on a daily basis.

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Walking is by far the best type of exercise you can do within the first few days of delivery.

Start Walking

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The second type of physical activity you should do immediately postpartum are pelvic floor exercises. The easiest one you can do is the kegel exercise.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

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I suggest you start these 1-3 weeks after you deliver, if you are feeling ready.

Bodyweight Exercises

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– More Exercise Variation – Core exercises including Diastasis Recti Training – Corrective Isolation Training

Phase 2: Weeks 6-12