The Postpartum Weight Loss Timeline  [5 Tips To Get Your Body Back]

How Long Does It Take To Lose Weight Postpartum?

Postpartum weight loss is a slow process that often takes 6-12 weeks or more. Weight loss will be fastest in the first week and gradually slow.

Postpartum weight loss week 0-1:

Week 1 is where some women may experience a loss of appetite which can also contribute to weight loss. 

Postpartum weight loss weeks 2-6:

The average weight loss by 6 weeks postpartum is about half of your pregnancy weight gain, regardless of your starting BMI. 

Postpartum weight loss weeks 6-12

To help boost your weight loss efforts, you could start engaging in regular physical activity.

Beyond 12 week

After 12 weeks, you probably wont see any further pregnancy related weight changes. At this point, your bodyweight changes will simply be a reflection of your current metabolism. 

Why Is Postpartum Weight Loss So Hard?

Postpartum weight loss is difficult because there are many different hormonal factors that can change your metabolism and physiology.

5 Things To Help You Lose Weight Fast After Having Your Baby

1. Your postpartum nutrition 2. Postpartum physical activity 3. Achieving adequate levels of hydration 4. Improving sleep 5. Stress control

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