The Postpartum Kettlebell Workout [How To Build Muscle After Baby]

Kettlebell Workout Pre-Requisites

Before using kettlebells postpartum you should do – Basic bodyweight exercises. – Walk as much as you can. – Take time to strengthen your core and pelvic floor

The Postnatal Kettlebell Workout

Each kettlebell exercise is a compound exercise. This means that each movement will train multiple muscle groups at the same time.

Clean To Single Arm Shoulder Press 

This movement is great for improving the strength and stability of your shoulder and tricep muscles.

This exercise will strengthen your legs, your core and your shoulders. It will also improve your mobility and stability in the bottom of a squat.

Goblet Squat Press Out

Single Legged Kettlebell Deadlift

This exercise is great for developing the muscles of your glutes, hamstrings, and lower back.

Split Stance Kettlebell Row

This movement will strengthen your upper back, your posterior shoulders, and improve your core strength and stability.

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