A Simple Post C Section Workout Plan  [For Busy Moms]

How Long After My C-Section Can I Exercise?

Most OBGYN’s would agree that you can begin exercising 6-8 weeks after a c-section. Depending on how extensive your c-section was.

What Exercise Can I Do Immediately After A C-Section?

All women should begin with three exercises – Walking – Pelvic Floor Work – Core Breathing Exercise

Walking After A Cesarean Section

Walking stimulates blood flow throughout your body, activates muscles in your core and legs, and it gets your metabolism going.

Your pelvic floor muscles had to support your growing baby inside your uterus for months on end.  You can begin Kegels within a few days of delivery

Pelvic Floor Exercises 

Diaphragmatic Breathing

This core exercise is important for opening up your lungs, training your diaphragm muscle, and activating the deep core muscles of the transverse abdominis.

A Simple Post C-Section Workout Plan

Workout 1: Wall Push-ups

This is one of the best introductory exercises to help you strengthen the upper body.

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