How To Lose Arm Fat  13 Best Exercises To Tone Flabby Bat Wings

The biggest mistake women make when trying to tone their arms is to focus on exercise only and nothing else. Muscle tone is the result of BOTH muscle development and fat loss.

here are the best exercises you can do to improve the appearance of your arms

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Bringing your hands closer isolates the arm muscles much more than the standard push-up. 

Kneeling Close-Grip Push-Up

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If the close grip push-up is too difficult for you, you can do them on an incline.

The Incline Close Grip Push-up (The Easier Version)

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The diamond push-up really activates the tricep muscles much more than any of the other push-up variations. 

The Full Close-Grip Diamond Push-up (The Harder Version)

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This exercise is different from the standard chair dip, and much better for training the muscles in your shoulders and triceps. 

The Foot Assisted Triceps Dip

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To do this exercise you will sit in front of a chair and place your hands behind you on the seat of the chair. 

The Chair Tricep Dip (The Easier Version)

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To make the dip exercise harder- all you have to do is use less assistance from your feet.

Full Tricep Dips (The Harder Version)