Exercises You Need To Avoid Postpartum  (To Stay Healthy)

What Exercises Should You Not Do After Pregnancy?

You should avoid any exercise that places high amounts of tension on your abdomen. This includes exercises like sit-ups, crunches, and planks.

Here is a list of exercises you should avoid postpartum:

- Sit-ups - Full Planks - Full Push-ups - Russian Twists - Oblique Side Bends - Upward Dog - Boat Pose - Barbell Squats - Barbell Deadlifts

So What Exercises Should You Do Instead?

To build muscle in your arms and back muscles, you can do:

Wall pushups

Wall Pulls

To build muscle in your legs you can do:

Bodyweight Squats

Box Squats

To build a stronger booty you can do:

Glute Bridges

Side-Lying Clams

To strengthen your core you should do:

Posterior pelvic tilts

Modified Plank

Diaphragmatic breathing

To strengthen your pelvic floor your should do:


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