Diastasis Recti After  C-Section:  [Everything You Need To Know]

Can You Have Diastasic Recti After A C-Section?

Yes. Diastasis recti happens when the rectus abdominis muscles are stretched and separated along the midline. This can happen regardless of the type of delivery you had.

What Happens To Your Abs During And After A C-Section?

Believe it or not, your ab muscles aren’t usually cut during a c-section. Instead, they are separated to access the uterus underneath.

Can A C-Section Cause Muscle Damage?

The abdominal muscles will be separated during a C-section in order to get to the uterus. This generally doesn’t cause any long term issues or damage.

How Long Does It Take For Stomach Muscles To Heal After A C-Section?

The absolute minimum time frame for you to heal from a C-section is 6 weeks. You might take longer and that's okay!

How Do I Know If I Have Diastasis Recti After My C-Section?

The Modified Curl Up -Lie in a supine position with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. -Use your fingers to check and see if there is a separation.

Can I Do Ab Workouts After A C-Section?

You can do ab workouts after a c-section, but not right away. It is important to let your insides heal. Also, is is important to strengthen the right ab muscles.

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