How To Lose Weight After A C Section [17 Easy Ways To Do It]

In this guide, you are going to learn 17 easy ways to help you lose weight after a c- section.

Specifically, you’ll learn strategies to help you 

  • Improve your diet,
  • Exercise safely, and
  • Change your lifestyle

Because the truth is, losing weight after a c-section doesn’t have to be difficult.  You just need to know how to do it.

So if you’re ready, lets dive right in.




Although I am a doctor, I am not your doctor. This information is for informational purposes only and should not substitute the advice from your healthcare professional. All kinds of exercise and dietary changes are potentially dangerous, and those who do not seek counsel from the appropriate health care authority assume the liability of any injury which may occur. Please read my full Disclaimer for more information. Also, this post may contain affiliate links: meaning I may receive a commission if you use them.

Ok, moving on.

How much weight do you lose after A C section?

Immediately following a c section, you can expect to lose about 10 – 15 lbs. An average full term baby weighs about 7 and a half pounds, while the placenta and amniotic fluid can weigh an additional 5-8 lbs.

You wont lose the rest of your pregnancy weight right away. That’s because it will take time for your body to reabsorb all the extra fluid it had to accumulate throughout the pregnancy.

How long does it take to lose weight after a c section?

It depends on how much weight you gained throughout your pregnancy. If you gained approximately 25-35 lbs, it could take anywhere from 6-8 weeks to lose your c section weight.

If you gained more than the recommended amount of weight, you might be able to lose weight at a more rapid rate.

In general, you might expect to lose about 3-4 lbs per month as your body returns back to it’s pre-pregnancy weight.

Is losing weight after a c section harder Versus A Natural Birth?

Losing weight after a c section might be a bit harder than if you had a vaginal delivery. The only reason why is because it will take longer to heal and recover from surgery than from an uncomplicated vaginal birth.

However, this is usually true only for the first 6-8 weeks.

During this time, you probably won’t be as active and you may find yourself spending more time resting up and healing. After this time, you should be able to catch up by using the tips stated in this article.

What should I eat to lose weight after A C section?

It’s not so much what you eat, but rather how much you eat. One of the biggest determinants of your body fat levels is your caloric intake.

With that said, there are foods you can eat to help you lose weight after a c section.

In general, you should eat foods that are 

  • low in calories,
  • very high in nutrition, and
  • are filling

I will go over some of these foods below.


When should I start to exercise after A C section?

After a c section, you can begin exercising after 6-12 weeks, provided you

  • didn’t have any significant postpartum complications,
  • have healed appropriately from your surgery, and
  • your doctor has cleared you to exercise.

However, you could begin different types of exercise within 1 day of having a c section.

You can do pelvic floor exercises on day 1 after your cesarean, and you can begin walking shortly after.

Both of these types of exercise are extremely beneficial and important for all postpartum women.

Exercises to reduce Your tummy after a c section

The truth is, there are no special exercises that will help you reduce your tummy after a c section.  Unfortunately, you can’t spot-reduce fat from your belly, or from any part of your body for that matter.

If you want to learn more, I have an entire post on how to get rid of a hanging belly after a c section.

The good news is, you no longer have to do hundreds of sit-ups in an effort to reduce your tummy.

So what should you do instead?

The best way to lose belly fat postpartum is to decrease your body fat levels.  I have 17 tips to help you do that below!

Why Do I Still Look Pregnant After My C Section Delivery?

You may feel that you still look pregnant after a c section or a vaginal delivery. The reason is because your uterus is still really big. 

It grew from the size of a playing card, to the size of a watermelon!

It doesn’t just shrink back to a pre-pregnancy size right away. It can take approximately 6 weeks to return back to normal.

Another important thing you should keep in mind is that you might have Diastasis Recti. 


Diastasis Recti causes stretching of your abdominal muscles and a bulging of your inner organs – leading to what appears as a postpartum belly pooch. Check out my article: how to tell if you have diastasis recti to learn more.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, let’s get to the 17 tips.

How to lose weight after a c section – 17 Easy Tips

Okay, so now let’s get to the strategies on how to lose weight after a c section.

To be honest, these tips can also be used if you had a vaginal delivery as well!

Let’s get started.

It is important to be patient 

The very first tip for weight loss after a c section is to be patient. Weight loss isn’t a fast process. Sometimes, it can take several weeks to months to achieve your long term goal.

Anything that is worth having, takes time. You didn’t gain all your pregnancy weight in one week!

Beautiful things take time. Be patient and stick it out.

Here is a detailed article on what you should expect for your postpartum weight loss timeline.


One of the best post-delivery weight loss tips is to breastfeed. Aside from giving your baby all the nutrition it needs, breast feeding uses up energy. 


Think about it. Your body has to create nutritious milk from scratch every single day. To do this, it needs energy in the form of calories. 

So if all other things are equal, breastfeeding will help you burn calories, and lose fat.

By the way, here are 7 easy things you could do to lose weight while breastfeeding.

Eat more fiber

Remember when I mentioned that the foods you should eat postpartum should be low in calories, nutritious, and filling?

One of the most filling nutrients you can consume is fiber. Fiber is an indigestible carbohydrate that helps regulate your digestion.  That way, you can be satiated, and decrease the likelihood of post c-section constipation.

Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are the best sources of fiber you could find. Just pick 2-3 of your favorite fruits and vegetables and eat them every day. 

These are the best foods to help you lose weight postpartum.

Eat more protein

Another important nutrient that you should eat postpartum is protein. Protein is one of the three major macronutrients, and the one that helps your body build and maintain lean muscle.

As you are losing body weight, you want your body to lose fat and not muscle. Protein will help your body preferentially burn fat.  

Also, protein is one of the most satiating nutrients. Foods high in protein will help keep you fuller longer than foods high in carbohydrates or fat.

The best protein-rich foods are chicken, salmon, turkey, greek yogurt, tofu, and edamame. 

Drink more water

Water is the most important nutrient in the world.

It can help keep you hydrated, energized, and satiated. Water has also been shown to have a thermionic effect- meaning that it helps you burn more calories (although this effect is small).

Do your best to drink at least 3 tall glasses of water every single day.

A simple way to tell if you are drinking enough water is to look at the color of your urine. It should always be a pale yellow color.

If its dark, drink more!

Include fats strategically 

You might have heard that a low fat diet can help you lose weight. But what if I told you that you could also lose weight consuming moderate amounts of fat? 

It’s true.

The difference comes from the type of fats you include in your diet. You see, fat is necessary to help you absorb certain vitamins, to produce certain hormones, and to help create insulation for your body. 

If eaten in moderation, fats can also help curb your appetite.


The best fats to include in your diet are: avocado, seeds, nuts, and extra virgin olive oil. 

Chew slowly

Did you know that there is a delay from when you begin eating to the time your stomach realizes it’s getting food? The faster you eat, the more calories you will be able to consume in one sitting.

Have you ever seen those hot dog eating contests? Do you think they would be able to eat that much if they took their time and chewed each hot dog?

The slower you eat, the more likely you will get full, and the fewer calories you will consume.  

Take 20 minutes to eat each meal.

Eat to 80% satiety

This tip is simple. Many of us eat until we are full. If you really think about it, this is unnecessary. 

Your body generally does a good job of letting you know when to eat and when to stop. There is no need to go past the point where you are adequately satisfied. 

Aim for 80% satiety. You will satisfy your hunger and you’ll decrease your caloric intake.

Use smaller plates

Another similar strategy is to just use smaller plates. We have a tendency to always finish all the food on our plate, even if we aren’t hungry. 

You can bypass this problem by using smaller plates to decrease your portion sizes.

Eat a sufficient number of calories

This tip is counter-intuitive. Although its important for your to eat fewer calories than you’re used to – its important that you don’t overdo this.  


A bigger calorie cut is not better! 

Eating minimal amounts of calories in an effort to lose weight faster will damage your metabolism and increase your hunger signals significantly. 

This is what increases your risk of experiencing cravings and binging.

So, make sure that you are eating enough food to give your body the building blocks it needs to function optimally. You do not have to be hungry!

You don’t have to follow a diet

You might be tempted to go on a popular diet such as the keto diet, vegan, or intermittent fasting. The good news is, these diets/eating styles aren’t necessary.

Instead, you can combine parts of each one to create your own personalized diet, with your own rules.

Following a popular diet could often lead you to feel restricted.

That’s the opposite of what I want for you :).

This is why I have created The Postpartum Trainer’s Nutrition Guide. To get rid of unwanted fat without following a strict diet or starving yourself.

Maximize sleep

Sleep is one of the best ways to improve your health and decrease your risk of fat retention.

Studies have shown that sleep deprivation is associated with elevated cortisol levels, insulin resistance, and increased caloric consumption.

I know that it’s easier said than done with a baby, but do your best. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need to.

Do more of this simple exercise

If you could only do one exercise, it would be walking. It is the most natural form of movement, and the one we use to rely on before automobiles. It is the easiest way to burn calories consistently, on a daily basis.

It’s easy, free, and doesn’t need any equipment.

Try and go on a 10-20 minute walk every single day. 

Fidget more

Fidgeting is an underutilized way to stay active throughout the day to burn more calories. This has been proven in studies and has been coined NEAT, or non-exercise activity thermogenesis.

It’s a fancy way of measuring the number of calories you burn just moving around.

Fidgeting can contribute up to 10% of all the calories you burn in a day.

Get strong

If you can exercise, then I suggest you strength train. This is a form of exercise where you are specifically trying to get stronger at certain functional exercises.


Because muscles burn more calories than fat. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism, and the more calories you’ll burn throughout the day and while exercising.


Write down your favorite meals

Many people who have successful weight loss after a c section usually have a handful of meals that they rely on.

Meals that are planned out and include fiber, protein, and healthy fats. You could even meal prep several servings of these meals to eliminate getting take out.

I suggest you find ~5 foods that you can cycle through and batch cook them one day a week.

See this as a lifestyle.

The last tip I have for you is to see these changes as a lifestyle and not a diet. Just like the tip of being patient, this is a marathon, not a sprint.

Related Questions

Does a C section make you fat?

A common misconception is that c sections make you fat. This is not true. A c section by itself does not make you fat. 

With that said, being post-op from a cesarean can increase your risk of gaining and storing fat.

This is partly because many women are less active after surgery and tend to consume extra calories to recover from the surgery.

What should I avoid after C section?

If you are within 6 weeks of your cesarean section, you should avoid any exercise that places direct pressure on your abdomen.

This includes crunches, planks, and any heavy lifting greater than 20 lbs. You want to make sure that your internal scars heal appropriately to decrease the chance of developing a hernia.

It’s also a good idea to avoid any high impact activities such as jumping, twisting, and sprinting.

Does the C section pooch go away?

Many women are afraid that their c section pooch wont go away. Sadly, this can be the case if you don’t make any effort to lose excess baby fat.

Some women note that they still have a lot of belly fat even 2 or more years following their surgery.

The very first thing you need to focus on is determining if you have Diastasis Recti. This is a condition that occurs when your abdominal muscles are stretched out and separated in the midline. 

If you have this condition, then it is important that you perform corrective exercises to fix your Diastasis while using the strategies in this post to lose weight. 

Heres how to tell if you have Diastasis Recti, and how to begin fixing it.

Is it OK to wear a belly band after A C section?

It is okay to wear a belly band after a c section for the first week or so. It is definitely not necessary, but it may help you feel more comfortable walking around. This is a great belly band from Amazon.

With that said, its’ important that you don’t rely on a belly band long term. That’s because you need to re-learn how to use your core muscles again. Especially while you are walking.

A belly band WILL NOT help you lose weight or belly fat.

Final Words on Weight Loss After A C Section

Losing weight after a c section isn’t easy. It’s a long term process that requires patience, and a plan.

Follow the tips in this article and you should begin to notice improvements in your body fat.

Now I want to hear from you.

Which of these tips are you most excited to try?

Comment below and let me know.

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