My 13 Week Pregnant Belly: Bump Update (With Pictures)

My 13 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture


Starting Weight: 123lbs

Total Weight Gain: 0lbs (it is normal to not gain much pregnancy weight in the first trimester)

Now let’s go over how my week went and what to expect…

Energy Level: My energy level has been great this week. Maybe it’s because we find out the gender this weekend and this is the last week of the first trimester!

Symptoms: I haven’t really felt anything different this week besides the continued heaviness in my breasts. I am also quite beat on my post-call days and can’t really find the motivation to exercise on those days.

Other Physical Changes: No other noticeable physical changes this week.

Diet: My diet is back to normal. I don’t have any significant aversions and my cravings aren’t that strong thankfully.

Diet Modifications: None as of yet!

Food Aversions: Not anymore 🙂

Food Cravings: This week I was craving a pumpkin bagel and still haven’t had it! I don’t want fall to end just yet since I love everything pumpkin.

Workouts: This week I actually started a few 10-minute HIIT workouts since I finally felt like I had the energy for it.

You can see examples of my entire pregnancy workout in my Prenatal Fitness Prescription.

Modifications to my workout: I am listening to my body as much as possible. I am cognizant of my heart rate and don’t let it stay elevated for too long. I also feel that I need to invest in a better sports bra, especially when doing the HIIT workouts. I still have a lot of breast tenderness when I am jumping around.

*Be sure to speak with your healthcare provider to learn if exercise is safe for you.*

Other Related Questions

Should I be showing at 13 weeks?

This is how I look at 13 weeks. I have of course never been pregnant before and have always been quite active. You may or may not start to show at this time.

brittany holding up sign at 13 weeks pregnant from side

Can you have a baby bump at 13 weeks?

You may or may not have a small baby bump at 13 weeks.

Everyone is unique and will respond to pregnancy differently.

If you have been pregnant before, you may begin to show sooner than someone who has never been pregnant.

What week does your stomach pop during pregnancy?

Most women will have a very noticeable bump at around16-20 weeks.

With that said, you may show sooner if it is your second or third baby.

What can you see at the13 week pregnant ultrasound?

At 13 weeks, your baby’s eyelids, ears, and other facial features will be visible on ultrasound. Small ribs may also be visible at this time.

If this is your first sonogram, your baby will be measured using its “crown-rump length.” This is the measurement from the head to the bum that calculates your gestational age and due date.

Your sonogram will also include another measurement called the nuchal translucency (yellow line seen in photo below).

This measurement is taken behind the neck and helps your doctor determine the risk of a chromosomal abnormality like Turner Syndrome 45XO, or Trisomy 21 aka Down Syndrome.


Other things you can expect to see at 13 weeks:

  • A lot of amniotic fluid
  • The umbilical cord
  • Location of the placenta
  • Fetal movement

What is my baby doing at 13 weeks in the womb?

At 13 weeks your baby is undergoing a lot of growth and development.

It is producing its white blood cells, its ears are starting to move into position, and it is doubling its weight each week.

You will also see that your baby is moving around a lot on the ultrasound scan and might even catch it sucking his/her thumb!

Where is the baby located at 13 weeks?

At 13 weeks the baby is located in your lower abdomen between your umbilicus and mons pubis.

At this time, the baby only weighs about 3/4 ounces and measures about 3 inches in length, which is about the size of a lemon.

Is it normal for my belly to still be soft at 13 weeks?

It is completely normal for your belly to still be soft at 13 weeks of gestation.

The uterus is still relatively small and may not be palpable yet.

What are common 13 week pregnancy symptoms?

So what should you be feeling at 13 weeks pregnant?

If you are lucky many of your early pregnancy symptoms should improve.

Hopefully, your nausea/morning sickness is gone!

As you enter into the second trimester of pregnancy, you may notice:

  • an increase in sex drive,
  • an increase in your appetite
  • an increase in energy
  • decreased fatigue

Also, as your uterus is getting bigger, you might notice a new symptom, round ligament pain. This is a dull stretching-like pain in your pelvic area due to pregnancy hormones that relax your joints.

Lastly, it is important that you also be on the lookout for any signs of UTI (urinary tract infection). Symptoms include burning with urination, urgency, and increased urinary frequency.

Is it normal to not feel pregnant at 13 weeks?

It is completely normal to not feel pregnant at 13 weeks.

In fact, you may also feel as good (or better) than you did before getting pregnant.

Enjoy it!

How many months is 13 weeks of pregnancy?

If you are 13 weeks pregnant you are entering your 4th month of pregnancy.

The good news is – you are officially at the tail end of the first trimester.

What’s the difference between a girl bump and boy bump?

There is no difference between a girl bump and a boy bump.

There are many myths that if you are having a boy you will only show in your stomach but there is no evidence or studies to support this.

Where and how you gain weight depends on numerous factors such as the location of your uterus and your genetic fat distribution.

Can you feel kicks at 13 weeks?

It is unlikely that you will feel kicks at 13 weeks, especially if it is your first baby.

If you have had children before, you may start to feel little flutters in the coming weeks.

Can you tell the gender at 13 weeks?

The most accurate way to determine your baby’s gender at 13 weeks is via a blood test. This test is called the NIPT or non-invasive prenatal test.

It looks for cell-free fetal DNA in the maternal blood.

There are many NIPT companies such as Panorama, Materni21, Harmony, Qnatal etc.

If you don’t have any of these blood tests done, your sonographer may be able to determine gender on ultrasound.

This really depends on if your baby cooperates and reveals that information to you.

What is the risk of miscarriage at 13 weeks?

There isn’t a lot of data for miscarriage statistics at 13 weeks of pregnancy, however current studies show that it is less than 5%.

Anything else I should know?

The second trimester is when you will start to gain weight as your baby begins to grow at a faster rate.

Keep in mind, you do not need to eat for two!

In general, you only need ~300 extra calories per day to maintain healthy pregnancy weight gain!

Also, now is a good time to improve your nutrition and maintain a well balanced diet throughout the 2nd trimester.

This includes:

  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Fresh fruits
  • Whole grains
  • Lean protein (chicken breast, turkey, edamame, legumes)
  • Healthy fats (avocado, nuts, seeds)

(Don’t forget that you will be taking a glucose test in the late second/early third trimester!)

Lastly, it’s never too early to start strengthening your pelvic floor muscles!

Final Words On The 13th Week Of Pregnancy

The 13th week marks the end of the first trimester! Congratulations on making it a third of the way!

Now I want to hear from you.

Are you 13 weeks pregnant?

How did your week go?

Comment below and let me know, and check back next week for my pregnancy week 14 update!


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