My 10 Week Pregnant Belly: Bump Update (With Pictures)

My 10 Week Pregnant Belly Picture


Starting Weight: 123lbs

Total Weight Gain: 0lbs (it is normal to not gain much weight in the first trimester)

Now let’s go over how my week went and what to expect…

Energy Level: Thankfully, I feel like I’m back to my pre-pregnancy energy levels. I attribute this to making sure that my diet is on point, and by prioritizing my sleep.

Symptoms: I haven’t had any new pregnancy symptoms. Occasionally I still feel motion sickness if using my phone while sitting on the train or in a car. However, my nausea has decreased with the use of the Preggie Pop Drops with Vitamin B6.

Other Physical Changes: I am noticing more visible veins in different areas of my body.

Diet: My diet has not really changed much. I still meal prep my food for the week and eat a well-balanced healthy diet. This includes oats, whole grains, legumes, fruits, and salads. I continue to take my prenatal vitamins with folic acid twice a day as well as weekly vitamin B12 and Vitamin D.

Diet Modifications: None as of yet!

Food Aversions: My usual green smoothies that I have been drinking every morning for the past 8 years :(.

Food Cravings: I definitely crave sweets more than I ever have, but I am doing my best to stay away.

Workouts: I started using my Peloton last week and absolutely love it! I have completed one ride every day since getting it. I make sure I am able to carry out a conversation while riding and ensure my heart rate does not get too high.

You can see examples of my entire pregnancy workout in my Prenatal Fitness Prescription.

desktop computer showing the cover of the prenatal fitness rx workout program

Modifications to my workout: None so far. I’m still feeling really good with a lot of energy.

*Be sure to speak with your healthcare provider to learn if exercise is safe for you.*


Other Related Questions

Can I have a baby bump at 10 weeks?

It is unlikely that you will have a pregnancy bump at 10 weeks, though some women may start to see the beginning of one.

At this point, your baby is approximately the size of a strawberry and measuring about 1.25 inches.

How does your stomach feel at 10 weeks pregnant?

Your stomach should still feel relatively soft at 10 weeks.

Also, you shouldn’t feel any pain when touching or having your abdomen touched or palpated.

What should i be feeling at 10 weeks pregnant?

At 10 weeks, you may continue to experience the usual early pregnancy symptoms such as:

  • Bloating
  • Nausea (Morning sickness)
  • Fatigue
  • Breast tenderness
  • Mood swings

In addition, you may even start to experience some pain/discomfort in your lower abdomen. This could be due to round ligament pain.

These are all normal signs of early pregnancy and are reassuring!

The important thing is to never overexert yourself and always listen to your body, especially if you are following an exercise routine.

Any Other Changes To Expect?

At 10 weeks you may notice an increase in vaginal discharge and more visible veins in your breast tissue.

At this stage of pregnancy, your hormones are starting to increase even more, which can increase the symptoms you experienced in earlier weeks.

Also, the growing uterus can also start to press on your bladder, causing frequent urination.

What Can I Expect To See In My 10 week pregnant ultrasound?

At your 10-week pregnancy ultrasound you should see:

  • A good size gestational sac with a lot of amniotic fluid
  • Visible arms and legs
  • Fingers and toes may be visible
  • Facial profile may be visible

At this point, your baby’s brain is also developing at a rapid rate!

Can Ultrasound tell gender at 10 weeks?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to determine the gender of your baby at 10 weeks via ultrasound.

The reason is that the genitalia has not fully developed as of yet.

If you would like to know the baby’s sex, you could have a blood test that measures cell-free fetal DNA. This test is known as NIPT or non-invasive prenatal testing.

The NIPT screening test will also be able to check for common chromosomal abnormalities like Trisomy 21 aka Down Syndrome in women with risk factors.

My 10 week pregnant belly Is not hard- Should I Be Concerned?

Don’t expect your belly to be hard at 10 weeks. The uterus is still small at this stage.

It is normal for it to be soft.

How Many Months Is 10 week pregnant?

10 weeks of pregnancy is about two and a half months of gestation! You are inching closer to the end of your first trimester.

How common is miscarriage at 10 weeks?

The risk of miscarriage decreases the further along you get. At 10 weeks, the miscarriage rate is about 0.5-2%.

Can i lay on my stomach at 10 weeks pregnant?

You can lay flat on your stomach at 10 weeks pregnant as long as it feels comfortable for you.

With that said, you may have sore breasts causing this position to be uncomfortable.

Once your uterus begins to grow larger, we don’t recommend lying flat on your stomach.

Can I feel the baby moving at 10 weeks?

No, you cannot feel the baby moving at 10 weeks gestation, as the fetus is still really small.

Typically, you can feel your baby move around 20 weeks if it is your first pregnancy, and a few weeks earlier if it is your second or third pregnancy.

Anything Else I Should Know?

You should have your nuchal translucency ultrasound scheduled if you don’t already have it.

This ultrasound, along with other blood tests will be used to determine your risk of having a fetus with a chromosomal abnormality.

A chorionic villus sampling (CVS) can also be performed at this gestational age to confirm the presence of any abnormalities.

Now I want to hear from you.

Are you in the 10th week of your pregnancy?

How did your week go?

Are you ready for the second trimester?

Comment below and let me know, and check back next week for my pregnancy week 11 update!

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Brittany Robles, MD, MPH, CPT

Brittany Robles is a full-time OBGYN physician, a NASM certified trainer, and a prenatal and postnatal fitness specialist. She holds a Master of Public Health degree in maternal health with a special interest in exercise and nutrition. She is also the co-author of The White Coat Trainer. Learn more about her here.

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